UK Visitor Visa


Family Visit Visa

If you are looking for a UK Visitor visa to meet your family in the UK then you are right place Sindhu immigration services experts provide you basic requirements.  You can apply for a family visit visa. The applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant is visiting a family member in the UK
  • The applicant is from outside the European Economic Area (EEA)and Switzerland
  • The applicant meets the other eligibility requirements including financial and accommodation requirements.

The family visit visa is usually valid from 6 months to 2,5 and 10 years and it entitled the applicant for multiple entries within the UK. You can get information about UK Visitor Visa from our expert solicitor.


Tourist Visa

It is a well-known fact that the UK is the top destination for holidaymakers around the world. The applicant must be able to show the following:
i) The applicant is a genuine visitor
ii) The applicant intends to return to his country of origin at the end of his/her trip.
iii) Applicant can independently afford the travel cost and accommodation of the trip to the UK.

The UK visitor visa is generally valid from 6 months to 2,5 and 10 years.


Business Visitor

The UK Government believes in providing a friendly atmosphere and visa facilities to prospective business visitors. The applicant must show that they intend to undertake business activities including:

  • Attending meetings or conferences
  • Arranging deals
  • Negotiating or signing trade agreement or contracts
  • Undertaking fact-finding missions
  • Checking details or goods
  • Conducting site visits
  • Promotional activities

The business visit visa is generally valid for 6 months and the applicant must be able to show that he can accommodate and support himself independently.