Our Fees

We aim to provide you with transparent Fees estimates during your case.

We keep things as simple and transparent as possible. We offer a wide range of immigration services and expert legal advice and we price each case individually. We usually charge 50% of total fees prior we start the case and usually total fees are payable before we finalise the work. However, depending on your financial circumstances we are able to offer flexible monthly payment plan depending on your personal situation.


We Offer 40 Minutes of Free Consultation by Appointment Only.

We offer 40 minutes of free consultation by appointment only. During the initial consultation session, we will take your instructions, advise you on the merits of the case and give you a quotation depending on the complexity of the case.


How Sindhu Immigration Services Takes Payments.

Sindhu Immigration Services takes payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash. All payments are receipted by a credit note. Sindhu Immigration Services takes all payments into a client account where they remain until the work is completed.


Contact Our Immigration Expert For Detailed Advice.


Cancellation Policy

Please note that both parties have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The period of 14 days starts from the date you sign this agreement having any work conducted prior to the signing of this agreement is chargeable. Sindhu Immigration Services reserves the right to charge appropriate fees for the work caried out on the relevant cases. To exercise your right to cancel this agreement, you must inform us your decision to cancel this agreement by a clear written statement sent to us via email, letter sent by post or fax. Furthermore, once the 14-day period has expired, there is no eligibility for refund of fees paid and Sindhu Immigration Services will retain any fees paid.


Fees Clause

At Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, we are committed to providing transparent and competitive fee structures for our immigration services. Our fees are based on the complexity of the case, the type of visa application, and the services required. Below is an overview of our fee structure.

Initial Consultation: • We offer an initial consultation service to assess your immigration needs and provide tailored advice. Our initial consultation fee is free for 40 minutes and anything beyond the agreed time will be charged and will be credited towards your total fees if you choose to proceed with our services.

Fixed Fees: • For straightforward visa applications and services, we offer fixed fees to provide clarity and transparency to our clients. These fixed fees cover the entire application process from start to finish, including document verification, application submission, and follow-up correspondence.

Hourly Rates: • For complex cases or services that require extensive legal work and representation, we may charge hourly rates. Our hourly rates are competitive and reflective of the expertise and experience of our immigration professionals.

Disbursements: • In addition to our professional fees, clients may be responsible for disbursements, which include government fees, visa application fees, translation costs, courier charges, and other expenses incurred on behalf of the client.

Payment Terms: • Payment for our services is due upon engagement, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We accept payment via online through Debit/Credit card and through bank transfers. Clients are responsible for ensuring timely payment to avoid delays in processing their applications. • Client must pay 50% of its total outstanding amount to initiate the application process / service. Failure to pay would delay in the process and result in cancellation of the application.

Cost Estimates: • Prior to engaging our services, we provide clients with detailed cost estimates outlining our fees and anticipated disbursements. We strive to ensure transparency and clarity in all financial matters related to our services.

Changes to Fees: • We reserve the right to revise our fees and fee structures at any time. Clients will be notified of any changes to our fee schedules in advance and given the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.