Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Standard Visitor Visa has replaced the Family visitor visa, Child Visitor Visa, Business Visa, Sports Visa, Prospective Entrepreneur visa, Entertainer Visa and Private and Medical Treatment Visa. This visa is for people who are visiting the UK for a short period of time, generally up to 6 months.

As a  Standard Visitor Visa you can visit for:

  • Visiting  family or friends

  • Tourism (Holidays or Vacation)

  • Studying, exam or do a placement

  • Taking part in a school exchange programme

  • Attending a meeting or interview (for specific business activities

  • Volunteering for up to 30 days with registered charity organisation

  • Visiting as an academic, senior doctor or dentist 

  • Doing a recreational course of up to 30 days, for example a dance course

  • Passing through the UK to another country (transiting)

  • Having medical treatment


Visiting Family, Friends or for Holidays and Tourism comes under the Standard visitor visa category for visiting family members  who live in the United Kingdom. To acquire this visa, the applicant must indicate who they are visiting and that they are above the age of 18 and intend to stay in the UK for fewer than six months -  The applicant must be able to demonstrate that they can sustain themselves financially without relying on public fund and that they will depart the UK before their visa expires. If visitors want to come on holidays and for tourism or to visit their family members in the UK they can apply for a standard Visitor Visa.

Children under the age of 18 who intend to visit the UK for less than six months and either they are travelling to visit their family members or friends, for education purposes or for an exchange programme they must have sufficient finances for their whole journey, in order to avoid relying on public funds. The applicant must demonstrate that they have enough money to support themselves and make arrangements to be looked after by a family or friends, that they have contact information for a parent or guardian back home, and that both parents have consented to this. Applicants must show that they will have suitable staying arrangements and care.

Business Visitor Visa is for those who work in another country yet want to undertake some short-term work on their own or on behalf of their company in the UK. Applicants can do academic work, attend sports events, training and conferences and participate in other related business activities. The visa holder must complete the activity they claim to be performing, take care of themselves while in the UK, not rely on public funds, and depart before their visa expires. Business Visitor visa is a short term visa and this is different from other UK business visas which are  long term visas for example: Start-up and Innovator Visas, Sole representative Visa and Investor Visa.  

 For paid engagements, there is a different visa, however it is only for particular roles.


Student Visitor Visa- This is the visa that allows students to travel to the UK for short term study for no longer than six months. If students want to get admission for higher degrees or courses in the UK they must apply for Student Visa  which is point based and will be for a longer period. 


The Requirements for getting the UK Standard Visitor Visa 

  • To apply for this visa category, the applicant should have following:

  • The intention of coming to the UK such as visiting for family, business or for leisure activities

  • The evidence of leaving the UK with in 6 months of getting the visa 

  • to have enough funds to support and accommodate yourself and dependents without depending on any public funds.

  • To have funds to cover the expenses of whole journey for UK  

  • Evidence that visitors will be conducting a permitted business activity.


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Marriage Visitor Visa 

The UK marriage visitor visa is granted to overseas individuals(aged 18 years). Who wants to visit the UK for their marriage. The visa only allows the individual to marry in the UK, not to settle or live with their spouses in the UK. The visa is granted for 06 months of saty, which can be further extended. Moreover, you will have to satisfy the immigration authorities about the authenticity of your relationship and the purpose of the visit in the  interview. The home office then gives a decision on your visa within three weeks. 

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa 

The visa is granted to individuals aged above 18 called by a UK-based. Organization or client for any paid engagement related to their field of expertise. This visa is only for individuals from specific countries. As individuals from various other countries are exempted from visa requirements for a short visit to the UK. The visa allows a 01 - month stay in the UK, and the individual holding a permitted engagement visa can only do specific paid work. Moreover, the visa requirements vary from case to case seeing the purpose of the visit.


Visa for passing through the UK to another country (transiting)

To get a transit visa a person must show 

  • Person will be in transit to another country having enough funds available and intention to travel 

  • person can enter that country

  • The only purpose for visiting to the UK is transit


A person will not need for a transit visa if he/she has:

  • An EU Settlement Scheme family permit

  • Home Office Travel Document

  • Standard Visitor Visa 

  • Marriage Visitor Visa 

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