Visitor Visa


Standard Visitor Visa

The Standard Visitor Visa has replaced to the following Visa Categories::

  • Ø Business Visitor Visa

    Ø Entertainer Visitor Visa

    Ø Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor Visa

    Ø Family/Child Visitor Visa

    Ø Sports Visitor visa

    Ø Private and Medical treatment Visitor Visa

    You can conduct activities related to your business or any other purpose. So, you

    have stated on the application for a period of up to six months. You can also study

    in the UK for 30 days if this is not the main reason for your visit.

The Requirements for getting the UK Standard

Visitor Visa-

To apply for this visa category, the applicant should prove the following:

Ø  The intention of coming to the UK such as visiting for family, business or for leisure activities

Ø  The evidence of leaving the UK within 6 months of getting the visa

Ø  To have enough funds to support and accommodate yourself and dependents without depending on any public funds

Ø  To have funds to cover the expenses of onward journey

Ø  Evidence that visitor will be conducting a permitted business activity

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Marriage Visitor Visa

The UK marriage visitor visa is granted to overseas individuals (aged over 18

years). Who wants to visit the UK for their marriage. This visa only allows the

individual to marry in the UK, not to settle or live with their spouse in the UK.

The visa is granted for 06 months of stay, which can be further extended.

Do you  plan to visit the UK for your marriage?

We can help you to get a UK Marriage Visitor Visa. Therefore our experts will assist you in the

application process. We’ll make the visa process seamless for you from the application

to arrival. However, you will be only required to fulfill the essential requirements.

Moreover, you will have to satisfy the immigration authorities about the authenticity

of your relationship and the purpose of the Visit in the interview. The authorities will

then give a decision on your visa within three weeks. You can also pay the extra

amount for a faster decision.


Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

The visa is granted to individuals aged above 18 called by a UK-based.

Organization or client for any paid engagement related to their field of expertise.

This visa is only for individuals from specific countries. As individuals from various

other countries are exempted from visa requirements for a short visit to the UK.

The visa allows a 01-month stay in the UK, and the individual holding a permitted

paid engagement visa can only do specific paid work. Moreover, the visa

requirements vary from case to case seeing the purpose of the visit.

Do you want to come to the UK for Permitted Paid Engagement Visa?

Our immigration experts can help you with the visa application and immigration

process. Our experts will guarantee your visa application, approval and assist you until

your arrival in the UK. Therefore be mindful that you’ll also have to appear for an interview to

prove your identity and documents. Before applying, you should make sure that you

meet the eligibility criteria. These eligibility requirements are specific to your field of  

expertise. Additionally, the UK immigration authorities may also direct you to meet any

other requirements. That’s why it would be great to take the services of a specialized

firm like us to assist you in the process.


Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

The UK has one of the worlds most advanced health systems; it houses leading

specialists providing the best healthcare. Therefore, UK attracts many visitors

seeking private medical treatment. That’s why the government offers an exclusive

medical treatment visa to individuals with underlying health conditions. The visa

allows a 06-month stay in the UK which can be extended to 11 months seeing the

medical requirements. Moreover, individuals from specific countries are required

to apply for the visa only as individuals from certain countries are exempted from

the requirement.

Do you want a Private Medical Treatment from the UK?

Be quick to reach us; our visa experts will provide you complete assistance to get the

Private and Medical Treatment Visit Visa. We will help you make your visa application

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