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British National (Overseas) Visa - BNO

British Nationals (Overseas) citizens can apply for this new BNO visa together with family members from the same family. Under special circumstances, the Ministry of the Interior may exercise its discretion to grant the visa to other family members who are highly dependent on the same family. Family members must belong to the same family as the citizen BNO. If a person usually lives at the same address and intends to live together during their stay in the UK, they will belong to the same family as a BNO citizen.


Who can apply for a BNO visa?

Immigration rules have strict requirements in terms of the documents that are needed in support of a British national overseas visa. To qualify BNO visa, you will need to satisfy the following requirements: 

  • Your age is at least 18 years old.

  • You are a British national (overseas).

  • You are ordinarily resident in Hong Kong.

  • You have no serious criminal convictions.

  • You are competent in the English language.

  • You can support yourself in the UK for at least 6 months.

  • You will need to provide a valid TB test certificate from an approved test center and issued within the last 6 months.

Exact requirements vary depending upon the state of affairs. You do not need a valid BNO passport to show eligibility. You can discuss your British national (overseas) visa application and eligibility to an immigration lawyer. Our team of business immigration barristers will help you with organizing to ensure that your career progression will fit your immigration aims and targets.


Financial maintenance

If you want to get a British national (overseas) visa, you must have cash funds to show that you can provide accommodation and financial support for yourself.

You can show this with:

  • Your bank statements

  • Your investment details

  • An offer of employment in the UK

  • Income of your partner, spouse, or other family members

To get the BNO visa, you must have evidence of your relationship, if he is your spouse, your civil partner, or your child.

British national overseas visa holders can work in case of employment, self-employment, or voluntary work. They have the right to work consistent with UK employment laws. If your visa application is approved, you can stay in the UK for a period of either 30 months or 5 years.

You cannot claim public funds (social welfare benefits). If you want to settle or obtain citizenship in the UK, your application will attract additional fees.


Why should you choose Sindhu immigration services to help you obtain a BNO visa?

We help British Nationals (Overseas) Visa to get corresponding BNO visa in UK. We can handle the BNO visa application process on your behalf. If you need advice on the correct paperwork to support the BNO visa application, help develop a compelling case that convinces UKVI that you need a BNO visa to play the real role, or assist in the execution of a compliant recruitment process. We are very happy to be convenient and effective in understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.