The United Kingdom is gradually developing to be the most preferred nation by travelers. It is the 10th biggest tourist destination attracting over 36 million tourists every year.

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The various services that we provide include:-

• UK Visitor Visa
 Tier 4 Student Visa
• Spouse and Partner Visa
• UK Dependent Visa For Children
• Tier 2 (General) Work Visa
• Business Visa
• Tier 5 Short Term Work Visa
• ILR ( Indefinite Leave To Remain)
• Travel Document

1. UK Visitor Visa

The UK has evolved to become a nation that most people would want to visit and spend their leisure time for varied reasons.
The UK is one of the best countries to start your travel adventure. The UK contains more heritage each square mile than any other country in the world.

The eligibility to get a UK Standard Visitor Visa enlists the following requirements.

1. A minimum of one blank page in the current passport is required.

2. Certified translations of any document that is not in the English language.

3. Make sure to inform that it is just a travel trip and that there is no intention to stay back in the country.

4. Make sure to exhibit the financial capability to afford the expenses of yourself along with your dependents.

5. Make sure to exhibit the financial capability of your onward and return journey to the UK.

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2. Tier 4 Student Visa

The students all around the globe have a quest for quality education. There are ample opportunities for a student to travel to the UK and seek quality education to fulfil their dream.

The student from any corner of the World can apply for the Tier 4 UK visa, if

1. The student has secured a seat in the aspired course in any University in the UK.

2. The student can speak, read and write English. The student needs to prove this by passing a secure English test that is SELT.

3. The student has enough money to support the stay and pay the tuition fee for the course.

4. The student is from a country that does not belong to the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland.

The other eligibility criteria met by the student.

The UK student visa services are provided exceptionally by the Sindhu Immigration Services.

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3. Spouse and Partner Visa

The Spouse or civil partner visa helps eliminate the distances between partners who intend to settle in the UK.

The eligibility checklist for applying for a spouse visa:-

1. The couple must be above the age of 18 years for applying for the spouse visa.

2. One of the partners has to be a British citizen or must have been settled in the UK with indefinite leave to remain in the UK or a humanitarian refugee.

3. Both partners intend to stay in the UK after they get the visa.

4. They will have to prove that they are in a civil partnership or marriage that is recognized in the UK. They have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years in the UK.

5. They will get into a civil partnership or marriage within six months of the arrival of the partner in the UK.

6. The knowledge of the English language of the applicant should be good. The sponsor must prove the ability to take care of all the financial needs of himself/herself along with their dependents.

7. The visa procedures are complex and hence people often get into a dilemma of the dos and don’ts involved in the process.

The above is an overview of the immigration spouse visa UK requirements. The expert professionals at Sindhu Immigration would help you with an explanation in detail.

The complexity associated with the UK Visa and Immigration procedure is eliminated with the expert professionals at work for your assistance at Sindhu Immigration Services.

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