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Moving to a country gives you ample opportunities to work, study, and have a good lifestyle. Places like the UK promote people coming to their lands to earn a living by working in growing companies and firms. For anyone wanting to come to the UK and work for an eligible job, all they need is a UK Scale-up worker visa. The UK scale-up worker visa is a new visa category which has been started in the month of August 2022. The visa makes a person eligible for working in a fast-growing firm or company in the UK. Also, you may call it a ‘Scale-up Business’. But the functionality of this visa remains simple and true to its meaning. Below, we will be discussing all you need for applying for this visa.

Are You Eligible for a UK Scale-Up Visa?

There remain different requirements for being eligible for a UK Scale-up worker visa. In addition to this, you can find the following requirements easily from the UK government’s website. And here are the eligibility requirements.

  1. A person must possess a confirmed job offer. This must entitle him to work for an approved scale-up business within the UK. But this job confirmation must hold eligibility for at least 6 months.
  2. You must also possess a certificate of sponsorship. Such a certificate does and must bring forward the role that your employer has offered you.
  3. Eligible occupations are key within the UK. For this, your job offer must be within the list of eligible occupations.
  4. Finally, you must be paid a minimum salary in your new job for which you are applying for a Scale-up worker visa.

With a Scale-up Worker visa applicants will be able:

  • Bring your partner and children with you as your dependents
  • To take on additional work, including becoming self-employed
  •  do voluntary work
  •  travel abroad and return to the UK
  •  apply to settle permanently in the UK after 5 years
    work in your sponsored job for at least 6 months
  •  leave your sponsored job after 6 months

How long an applicant can stay on this Visa?

In addition to this, applicants can stay in the UK for 2 years on this visa. It can be extended as many times as they like by 3 years.  Living after 5 years in the UK, he/she can apply for UK Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain). This status will mean that you intend to stay in the UK for longer. And if you meet the eligibility requirements. You will get the right to live, work and study in the UK with no restrictions.

How to Apply for UK Scale-Up Worker Visa?

It totally depends upon the applicant’s situation if he/she is

  • Residing outside the UK and planning to enter the UK
  • Residing inside the UK and wish to extend your current  visa
  • living in the UK but are transferring or switching from a different visa

How Much Does a Scale-Up Visa Cost? 

To obtain a scale-up visa, you do not always need a good level of eligibility standards.

  • Pay the application fee
  • Pay the surcharges for healthcare each year to live within the UK
  • Also, prove you have good and enough personal savings

How Sindhu Immigration Services will help you to obtain a UK Scale-up Worker Visa for the UK?

To reduce the possibility of rejection, our immigration experts at Sindhu Immigration Services will verify your application. We make sure that it contains all supporting documentation. Sindhu Immigration Services recognize the necessity of rapid assistance in the processing of your application. Our highly skilled legal team will be there for you. We will assist you from the first meeting until the time you obtain your visa approval.


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