The Global Business Mobility visa is a new unified category of sponsored routes for overseas companies looking to expand their presence in the UK or relocate employees there for certain business objectives. From April 11, 2022, the UK Home office started receiving applications for these routes. Moreover, the new visa will effectively provide a multi-category sponsored path.

What Are The Different Global Business Mobility Visa Categories?

There will be 5 different global business mobility routes available for various forms of temporary employment, including:
Senior or Specialist Worker visa
Graduate Trainee Visa
UK Expansion Worker Visa
Service Supplier Visa
Secondment Worker Visa
Each of these subcategories has certain prerequisites for qualifying, such as a minimum income level and, in some cases, a valid TB certificate.

1. Senior or Specialist Worker Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The senior or Specialist Worker route is for senior managers and specialists. Who is employed by a UK company that is affiliated with their employer overseas and who seeks to undertake a temporary assignment in the UK? Additionally, this route will replace the existing Intra-Company Transfer route.

2. Graduate Trainee Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The Graduate Trainee route is for foreign employees who are studying in graduate programs leading to senior management or specialty positions and are required to do a UK work placement by their employer.  This route has replaced the Intra-Company Graduate Trainee route.

3. UK Expansion Worker Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The UK Expansion Worker route is for foreign nationals who are seeking temporary employment in the UK. It is also for senior managers or specialist employees to help the company to expand. Thus, this route is only applicable if the company has not started doing business in the UK. Furthermore, workers should apply through the Senior or Specialist Worker route if the company is already in the UK.

4. Service Supplier visa

The service supplier route is for independent contractors living overseas who are seeking temporary assignments in the UK to deliver services subject to the UK international trade agreement. Hence, this route is also suitable for contractual service suppliers hired by Foreign Service providers.

5. Secondment Worker

Secondment Worker Visa – Global Business Mobility can be applied if your overseas employer is transferring you to the UK to work for a different organisation. The UK organisation must have a high-value contract with overseas employers. The Maximum time for staying in the UK as a Secondment Worker is 2 years.

Can Dependents Travel To The UK On A Global Business Mobility Visa?

A partner and any dependent children are welcome to join or accompany applicants with a Global Business Mobility category. Spouses or partners and children must meet a number of eligibility requirements. These requirements include a relationship and financial criterion.

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