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A Stepwise Guide for UK Visa and Immigration

People apply for UK visas for several reasons that include visiting for business dealing or exploring business options. Also, some visit for educational purposes while others just like to visit for recreational matters. However, a hindrance in stepping foot in the UK is a visa. Countries such as European allow their citizens to visit the UK immigration-free.

However, other countrymen apart from Europe have to use the visa option for visiting the UK for any purpose. Sindhu Immigration offers services for a hassle-free and hindrance-free outcome. Our stepwise guide below will further enhance your vision for attaining UK immigration.

To apply for a visa, you must go through the following steps.


1.     Do You Need a UK Visa? 

As explained in the introduction, citizens from some countries are exempted from visa requirements to visit the UK. These include all the European countries but people from the rest of the world need UK immigration. To make things easier, if your citizenship lies in any of the below countries or states, you do not need to apply for a UK Visa.

  • Swiss citizen
  • EEA citizen
  • Commonwealth citizen


2.     Choose the Appropriate Visa Type 

Next, you will need to identify which type of visa you require. This step is critical in the way that you must identify the visit’s purpose. Hence, it will guide you to get the right visa. Below, we have categorized the visa options that you can apply for. But remember to utilize only the appropriate visa type.

  • A tourist visa for the UK is mostly for visiting family members and friends that reside in the UK. Other reasons include holidays, business, medical treatment, or getting married.
  • A transit visa is also a requirement for people that want to visit another country but wish to pass through the UK.
  • A work visa is a popular visa that people acquire for paid work in the UK.
  • In contrast, a UK study visa is of two types. If your study period is short, you can get a short-term study visa. However, for a longer stay and study duration, you need a Tier-4 visa.


3.     Online Form Submission 

Next, you must fill out an online form. Online forms are a necessity in any application be it for a visa or other requirements. These forms contain basic information that you need to fill out. For example, a UK immigration form requires:

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence
  • Marital status
  • Personal number
  • Passport number
  • Reason for entering the UK
  • Miscellaneous information


4.     Collect Necessary Documents 

To apply for a visa, you need the necessary documents at the best. They remain a priority.

  • Visa application form
  • Two photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of financial means to cover a UK trip
  • Accommodation proof
  • Travel itinerary detail
  • Biometric information
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Paid UK visa fee


5.     Schedule and Attend UK Visa Interview 

Once you make the online appointment, you must download and print the email containing visa interview information. Get all your original documents as stated and visit the interview center in person.

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uk scale up worker visa

A New Visa Category UK Scale-Up Worker Visa | Sindu Immigration

Moving to a country gives you ample opportunities to work, study, and have a good lifestyle. Places like the UK promote people coming to their lands to earn a living by working in growing companies and firms. For anyone wanting to come to the UK and work for an eligible job, all they need is a UK Scale-up worker visa. The UK scale-up worker visa is a new visa category which has been started in the month of August 2022. The visa makes a person eligible for working in a fast-growing firm or company in the UK. Also, you may call it a ‘Scale-up Business’. But the functionality of this visa remains simple and true to its meaning. Below, we will be discussing all you need for applying for this visa.

Are You Eligible for a UK Scale-Up Visa?

There remain different requirements for being eligible for a UK Scale-up worker visa. In addition to this, you can find the following requirements easily from the UK government’s website. And here are the eligibility requirements.

  1. A person must possess a confirmed job offer. This must entitle him to work for an approved scale-up business within the UK. But this job confirmation must hold eligibility for at least 6 months.
  2. You must also possess a certificate of sponsorship. Such a certificate does and must bring forward the role that your employer has offered you.
  3. Eligible occupations are key within the UK. For this, your job offer must be within the list of eligible occupations.
  4. Finally, you must be paid a minimum salary in your new job for which you are applying for a Scale-up worker visa.

With a Scale-up Worker visa applicants will be able:

  • Bring your partner and children with you as your dependents
  • To take on additional work, including becoming self-employed
  •  do voluntary work
  •  travel abroad and return to the UK
  •  apply to settle permanently in the UK after 5 years
    work in your sponsored job for at least 6 months
  •  leave your sponsored job after 6 months

How long an applicant can stay on this Visa?

In addition to this, applicants can stay in the UK for 2 years on this visa. It can be extended as many times as they like by 3 years.  Living after 5 years in the UK, he/she can apply for UK Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain). This status will mean that you intend to stay in the UK for longer. And if you meet the eligibility requirements. You will get the right to live, work and study in the UK with no restrictions.

How to Apply for UK Scale-Up Worker Visa?

It totally depends upon the applicant’s situation if he/she is

  • Residing outside the UK and planning to enter the UK
  • Residing inside the UK and wish to extend your current  visa
  • living in the UK but are transferring or switching from a different visa

How Much Does a Scale-Up Visa Cost? 

To obtain a scale-up visa, you do not always need a good level of eligibility standards.

  • Pay the application fee
  • Pay the surcharges for healthcare each year to live within the UK
  • Also, prove you have good and enough personal savings

How Sindhu Immigration Services will help you to obtain a UK Scale-up Worker Visa for the UK?

To reduce the possibility of rejection, our immigration experts at Sindhu Immigration Services will verify your application. We make sure that it contains all supporting documentation. Sindhu Immigration Services recognize the necessity of rapid assistance in the processing of your application. Our highly skilled legal team will be there for you. We will assist you from the first meeting until the time you obtain your visa approval.


Global business mobility

Getting Global Business Mobility Visa the Right Way!

The Global Business Mobility visa is a new unified category of sponsored routes for overseas companies looking to expand their presence in the UK or relocate employees there for certain business objectives. From April 11, 2022, the UK Home office started receiving applications for these routes. Moreover, the new visa will effectively provide a multi-category sponsored path.

What Are The Different Global Business Mobility Visa Categories?

There will be 5 different global business mobility routes available for various forms of temporary employment, including:
Senior or Specialist Worker visa
Graduate Trainee Visa
UK Expansion Worker Visa
Service Supplier Visa
Secondment Worker Visa
Each of these subcategories has certain prerequisites for qualifying, such as a minimum income level and, in some cases, a valid TB certificate.

1. Senior or Specialist Worker Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The senior or Specialist Worker route is for senior managers and specialists. Who is employed by a UK company that is affiliated with their employer overseas and who seeks to undertake a temporary assignment in the UK? Additionally, this route will replace the existing Intra-Company Transfer route.

2. Graduate Trainee Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The Graduate Trainee route is for foreign employees who are studying in graduate programs leading to senior management or specialty positions and are required to do a UK work placement by their employer.  This route has replaced the Intra-Company Graduate Trainee route.

3. UK Expansion Worker Visa – (Global Business Mobility)

The UK Expansion Worker route is for foreign nationals who are seeking temporary employment in the UK. It is also for senior managers or specialist employees to help the company to expand. Thus, this route is only applicable if the company has not started doing business in the UK. Furthermore, workers should apply through the Senior or Specialist Worker route if the company is already in the UK.

4. Service Supplier visa

The service supplier route is for independent contractors living overseas who are seeking temporary assignments in the UK to deliver services subject to the UK international trade agreement. Hence, this route is also suitable for contractual service suppliers hired by Foreign Service providers.

5. Secondment Worker

Secondment Worker Visa – Global Business Mobility can be applied if your overseas employer is transferring you to the UK to work for a different organisation. The UK organisation must have a high-value contract with overseas employers. The Maximum time for staying in the UK as a Secondment Worker is 2 years.

Can Dependents Travel To The UK On A Global Business Mobility Visa?

A partner and any dependent children are welcome to join or accompany applicants with a Global Business Mobility category. Spouses or partners and children must meet a number of eligibility requirements. These requirements include a relationship and financial criterion.

Do You Need Assistance?

Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd. specializes in business immigration in the UK. We assist firms in all elements of corporate immigration. We assist you to fill the UK talent gaps through global mobility and international hiring. Prospective and current sponsors can increase the likelihood that their Home Office approves their applications by consulting with our immigration experts today. Contact us if your business needs assistance or advice.

skilled worker visa

Are you seeking help with skilled worker visa for the UK and its document?

The skilled Worker visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa. The Skilled Worker visa allows employers to recruit non-UK resident workers for certain eligible, skilled roles.  Visa is open to individuals who attain 70 points by meeting specific requirements such as skill and salary level, English language ability, and having a qualifying job offer from a UK sponsor.  This visa makes provision for spouses, ‘durable’ partners, and dependent children to apply to join the main visa applicant in the UK, and is also a route to settlement and Indefinite Leave to Remain.

If you are a skilled worker and you want to enter the UK to do a specialized job.  You can seek the help of Sindhu Immigration expert advisors. Call us on +020 3560 3315 to speak with our team.


The rules and requirements for the Skilled Worker visa route are set out in a new Appendix skilled worker. Under this route, applicants will need to accrue a total of 70 points to be eligible for a visa. The applicable 70 points threshold for a Skilled Worker visa is made up of 50 points for mandatory or ‘non-tradeable’ criteria (i.e.; the job offer, speaking English, and the requisite skill level for the job on offer), and 20 points for what’s classed as ‘tradeable’ criteria. To qualify for a Skilled Worker Visa, you need to be sponsored by a UK-based employer. Besides, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be aged 18 or over

  • You need a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) for the job you are going to do

  • Your job is a genuine vacancy, Job offer is at a skill level of RQF3 or above.

  • You will be paid a salary that equals or exceeds the general salary threshold and the “going rate” for your occupation

  • Your sponsor has paid the required Immigration Skills Charge

  • You can demonstrate your English proficiency (at least CEFR Level B1)

  • You can financially sustain yourself and your family without relying on public funds

  • You can provide a criminal record certificate

  • You can provide a valid TB certificate (if needed)



To apply for a Skilled Worker visa, the applicant will need to submit an online application, together with their supporting documentation, and pay the relevant fee. They will also need to provide their biometric information at the visa processing center local to them, either overseas or in the UK. Applications can be made up to 3 months before the day the worker’s intended employment start date in the UK. As stated on the Certificate of Sponsorship. The applicant will need to submit an online application within three months of being assigned their certificate of sponsorship. Each certificate has a unique reference number that they will need to apply. They will also be required to attend an appointment at a visa application center to enroll their biometric information and to submit various documents in support. The necessary documentation will include:

  • A current passport or other travel documents to prove they can travel

  • Expired passports or travel documents to show travel history

  • Proof of English language proficiency, where applicable

  • Proof of personal savings i.e. maintained bank statements.

  • A criminal record certificate from any country they have lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years, where they will be working in either the education, health, or social care sector in the UK.


Skilled worker visa applications generally take up to 8 weeks if applying from within the UK or up to 3 weeks if the application is made from outside the UK. It may be possible to pay for fast-tracked processing, depending on where your application is being processed.


The skilled worker visa is usually granted for up to 5 years. At this point, the visa holder would need to apply to extend the visa or on completing the 5-year residency requirement. They may become eligible to apply for UK indefinite leave to remain. There is no limit on the number of times you can extend the skilled worker visa, provided you continue to meet the visa requirements. If the visa holder changes sponsor or jobs, they will need to apply for a new period of leave.


To make your application successful within the due course of time, immigration experts at Sindhu Immigration Services will verify your application. We make sure that it contains all supporting documentation. Sindhu Immigration Services recognize the necessity of rapid assistance in the processing of your skilled visa application. Our highly skilled legal team will be there for you. We will assist you from the first meeting until the time you obtain your visa approval.

visitor visa

Are You Seeking Help with Visitor Visa for the UK and Documents?

If you plan to get a visitor visa for the UK for a short period of time, you will most likely need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa for the UK. This visa enables you to travel for up to six months and may be used for a number of purposes, including recreation and trade.
The visitor visa can be used for a number of reasons, such as short-term business trips, vacations in the United Kingdom, academic visits, and more. The standard visit visa for the UK will allow you to come to the UK for travel, tourism, leisure, short-term business needs, or private medical care. If you want assistance with your visitor visa for the UK, then feel free to contact Sindhu Immigration Services today.

UK Standard Visitor Visa Can be applied for:

Visiting Friends or relatives
Do the Volunteer work for charity
Private Medical Treatment
Meet Business partners
Attending Conferences
Attending Training
Visiting Sports events
Visiting as an entertainer, artist, or musician
Do the research
Coming as a doctor or dentist as a representative or observer
Marriage Visitor Visa

Is It Possible For Me To Stay In The UK For More Than Six Months?

Generally, all visitor visas for the UK are short-term visas. It allows the applicant to stay for a maximum of six months. You cannot get around this restriction by utilizing a visitor visa or making several consecutive visits. Although you are free to enter and leave the UK whenever you choose while your visa is valid.

How Do I Apply for a Visit?

Unless you are from North Korea. You must apply for a UK visitor visa online. Your biometric data, such as fingerprints and pictures, will be collected at your local Visa Application Center. Our Immigration Solicitors have a track record of obtaining visitor visas for their clients. They will walk you through the whole procedure.

What Documents Will I Need for a Visitor Visa for the UK?

One of the most popular factors that cause a visitor visa UK to be denied is the failure to provide the proper documents. Our immigration experts can help you gather and submit all the necessary documentation, which includes (but is not limited to):

A passport or other travel document that is valid.

Bank statements that prove your ability to sustain yourself and your return trip.

Evidence of your visit is purpose.
Proof that you will depart the UK at the end of your scheduled visit.

How Sindhu Immigration Services will help you to obtain Standard Visitor Visa for the UK?

A large percentage of UK visitor visa applications are denied. Refusal will not only jeopardize your plans to visit the UK. But it will also have an impact on your immigration history. Applications are denied because immigration officials are not satisfied that you would depart the country at the conclusion of your visit or that you will only do approved business.

To reduce the possibility of rejection, our Immigration experts at Sindhu Immigration Services will verify your application. We make sure that it contains all supporting documentation. Sindhu Immigration Services recognize the necessity of rapid assistance in the processing of your visit visa application. Our highly skilled legal team will be there for you. We will assist you from the first meeting until the time you obtain your visa approval.

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Why Do You Need Immigration Services From an Expert Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration services are a hot subject in today’s fast-evolving world. The rules are always altering to meet the needs of the current global narrative. The vastness of immigration law, as any person who has gone through it, will quickly point out. It is not something that should be attempted without the professional assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer. An immigration advisor is essential in ensuring that you are allowed to reside in a country lawfully and without encountering any difficulties. If you are one of those individuals who is weighing the advantages and disadvantages of hiring the top immigration experts in London, allow Sindhu Immigration Services to assist you in making the best option. Consider the following points to consider while deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer for immigration services.

Preventing Mistakes with the Help of a Professional Immigration Lawyer

Such a lawyer may aid with completing the necessary papers and acquiring a Visa. He can assist your loved one in securing residency in the United Kingdom. He might assist you in finalizing a marriage to an immigrant as well, among other things. There is usually a lot of documentation, and it might be difficult to understand. Unless you have the expertise of a professional, there is a risk of several potential errors. These errors might result in a failed application. The competent legal experts at Sindhu Immigration Services can assist with the application for work permits, the obtaining of marriage licenses, and the acquisition of citizenship.

They Have the Appropriate Work Experience

It is essential to consult with a legal expert who is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with immigration services. Specifically, our experts have assisted many other clients who have gone through the same procedure as you. Immigration advisors at Sindhu Immigration Services specialize in immigration law. They can help you in completing all of the required paperwork for getting a work visa, securing a permanent residence, or attaining British citizenship in the UK.

They Can Explain To You What Your Options Are

Regardless of your particular circumstances, you have a number of different alternatives. This is something that our immigration legal expert may explain to you in further detail. Additionally, they will help you grasp the full breadth of your situation. Whether your situation is delicate or you are at risk of deportation, it is critical that you fully grasp your choices before taking any further action.

They Can Help You with Information about Immigration Laws

It is still necessary to comply with certain rules that apply solely to immigrants. Even if you have earned a work permit or permanent resident status you need to obey the rules. And if you fail to comply with these regulations while you are in the country, you run the possibility of being deported. In fact, it may happen before your visa expires or before you get the permanent residence status, whichever comes first.

A Seasoned Immigration Lawyer Can Provide A Way Forward to Citizenship

The majority of immigrants have aspirations to become citizens of the United Kingdom. Many immigrants’ dreams of getting citizenship might become a reality with the help of our skilled immigration advisors. Our legal experts have an in-depth understanding of the documents and processes associated with attaining citizenship. They can assist you in navigating the complex and sometimes complicated world of immigration law. There is no such thing as a secure immigration process. Moreover, there are often several steps to do and papers to submit. Particularly if English is not your first language, you may feel overwhelmed and as like you have taken on too much responsibility. However, our knowledgeable immigration advisors can guide you through the whole procedure and assist you in reaching your objective.

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