UK Dependant Visa For Children



If a single parent applies for this visa they must show that they have sole responsibility (rather than merely legal custody) for the child. In such circumstances, the application is more complex and specialist advice should be sought.

The criteria change depending on whether the parents are:

  • British or hold settled status
  • EU nationals
  • Non-EU nationals


When the parent is an EU national

The EEA family permit covers a child under the age of 18, born outside of the UK and where one (or both) of the parents is a European Union (EU) national. The EU parent(s) must demonstrate that they are exercising their EU treaty rights in the UK.


When the parent is a non-EU national

The UK child visa is available where a child is under 18, born outside of the UK and one (or both) of the parents holds a valid visa allowing them to live in the UK. In addition, the parent(s) must meet the maintenance requirement which varies depending on the visa class and the number of children.