Asylum and Humanitarian Protection

The provisions of Asylum and Humanitarian Protection can be exercised under 1951 United Nations Convention in the regards to the status of refugee in the United Kingdom. However, in order to be considered as a refugee, the asylum seeker must have left his/her country in the fear of persecution due to his/her:

  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Political view
  • Social activity

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Asylum Claim

Like any other European Union member states, United Kingdom follows the European Convention on Human Rights that restricts the government of the United Kingdom to dispatch someone to his/her own country, where the person can face risks or life threats.

However, if the asylum seeker has failed to impress the authority with given reasons, then the Secretary of State considers the case and may allow the asylum seeker to reside in the UK for a certain period on humanitarian ground.

Criteria for Approval

The asylum seeker has to be in the UK or should have arrived at an entry point to enter the UK

The candidate should be a refugee under the regulation 2 of The Refugee in Need of International Protection Regulation 2006

The applicant should not be considered as a threat to the UK and he/she is not convicted in any country

The asylum seeker will have to leave the UK if the Home Office has refused his /her application

Accompanied Children

Children can also apply to seek asylum in the UK. However, in such cases, if a child, who is below 12 years of age seeking asylum in the UK, officials at the Home Office will interview the candidate.

In addition, the application can be considered by determining the applicant’s state of mind and the situation the child may face when he/she will return to his/her country. The immigration officials at the Home Office will conduct the interview of child applicant in front of his/her parent, representatives or guardian. During the interview, the child will be free to express himself/herself in his/her own way. However, if the child is not comfortable with the situation, the process will be ended.

Family Reunion

If a person is a refugee or has been granted permission to stay in the UK with humanitarian protection, the Family Reunion facility offered by the Home Office, will allow the person to meet his/her family members.

As per as the Immigration Rules of the UK, the applicant for the Family Reunion programme should call his/her husband, wife, unmarried/same-sex partner, civil partner and children (under 18) to enter the UK. However, the Home Office will allow the family members of the asylum seeker to enter the UK if there are enough compassionate reasons to enjoy the Family Reunion programme.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) As A Refugee

In this category, a recognized refugee under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee, who has been residing in the United Kingdom for quite some time, is eligible to file an application for ILR as a refugee in the UK. In this case, the applicant, who is a recognized refugee as well, will have to use the Form SET (Protection) to submit the application before the Home Office. In addition, the application should be submitted within the 30 days before the permit to stay in the UK has been expired.


In case, you have failed to submit the ILR as a refugee application before the deadline, your permit to remain in the UK will come to an end and the Home Office will conduct the in-depth review. In such case, the Home Office can revoke your status of refugee and consequently, you may have to leave the country.

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What We Charge for Our Above Mentioned Immigration Services

Immigration solicitors at the Sindhu Immigration Services will charge £xxx for the application of Asylum claim, while the fee for the Family Reunion application is £xxxx. Likewise, our immigration lawyers will charge £xxx for ILR Application As A Refugee. However, our charges may depend on the density of your case and the casework associated with it.

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