An applicant can file Long Residence Application before the Home Office in various ways. At Sindhu Immigration Services, we provide Long Residence Applications for ILR-10 Years Long Residence.


ILR- 10 Years Long Residence

The laws on long residence applications have been introduced to recognize the bond a person might have developed with the United Kingdom by residing in the country for a long period.

If the candidate has been residing in the UK legally for more than 10 years, he/she is eligible to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). Under the 10-year category, the applicant will continue to stay in the UK lawfully.


Requirements for Long Residence

In order to get the permit for indefinite leave, a person will have to meet the below-mentioned criterion:

  • The person should have stayed in the UK for at least 10 years
  • There should not be any issue against the public welfare in the case
  • There should not be any kind of legal cases against the applicant

According to the paragraph 276A of UK’s Immigration Rules, the continuous residence means that a person has stayed in the United Kingdom continuously for a certain period. In some circumstances, the period of staying will not be considered as broken, if the candidate:

  • Stayed outside the UK for six months; or
  • Has no leave to remain or enter the UK
As defined in paragraph 276A, the lawful residence is a period of continuous leaving, in which the candidate should have one of the following:


  • Having leave to visit or remain in the UK
  • Temporary visit under section 11 of the Immigration Act 1971, where leave to enter or remain in the UK has been granted
  • Exemption from the control of immigration department
  • Events that Break Continuous Residence

Authorities will consider it as a break in continuous residence in the cases of:

  • If the applicant is staying outside the UK for more than six months or does not have the permit to re-enter the UK
  • If the applicant has been deported from the country or he/she has left the UK after an unsuccessful leave application

The candidate has Left the UK with no visible chance of re-visiting the country

If the applicant has stayed more than 18 months outside the UK during the 10-year period

Discretion for Breaks in Lawful Residence

The Home Office has the full right of discretion if the candidate:

  • Comes with a little gap in residence, as he/she made the previous applications with not more than 28 days
  • Has been able to meet other requirements needed for legal residence
  • Same Day Visa Service for ILR Application On The Basis of 10 Years

Sindhu Immigration Services is a registered agency, which is also recognized and certified by Home Office and Public Enquiry Office. Our immigration solicitors are experienced in providing solutions for ILR application on the basis of 10 years.

Our lawyers can prepare and file your application before the Home Office and Public Enquiry Office. Through our same day visa service, you will get an instant result in your case. However, the process requires biometric details of the applicant and that is why you will have to attend the Home Office. Our representatives will accompany you to the Home Office and make you understand the process.


Why Should You Come to Sindhu Immigration Services for ILR 10 Year Long Residence Application?

Here at Sindhu Immigration Services, our immigration lawyers will address your concerns conveniently and try to provide immediate solutions for your ILR 10 Years Long Residence application. To know more about the quality of our services, you can go through the reviews, where you will be able to learn what people especially those who have dealt with us think about our organization.

If you are searching for a helping hand for your ILR application under 10 years long residence, you can get in touch with our experienced immigration solicitors. Once you have chosen our lawyers to file your ILR application before the Home Office, our legal representatives will do the following for you:

Before going further, our lawyers will procure detailed instructions of your case and make you understand about the procedure and the relevant immigration laws of the United Kingdom.

Our solicitors will make you understand what the documentary evidence is and why it is important to submit them to support your case.

Our lawyers will furnish the entire immigration form and discuss the matter with you before submitting it at the Home Office.

Lawyers at the Sindhu Immigration Services will prepare a cover letter to strengthen your case at the Home Office

Our solicitors know how to protect the interest of our clients especially when the Home Office takes time in taking a decision in their favour.

You will not have to worry about the follow-up works in the process, as our experienced lawyers will do all these until the Home Office does not take any decision in your case.

Our lawyers will advise you and make you understand the implications of the decision taken by the Home Office for ILR 10 year long residence application.


What We Charge for ILR 10 Years Long Residence Application?

Our fee for the ILR 10 years long residence application is £xxx. Our immigration solicitors take care of your case and will try to bring the best possible result for your application submitted to the Home Office.

The fee you have agreed to pay us will depend on the density of your case and other legal works associated with it. We will not charge you for works until the Home Office does not take any decision in your case. However, we will not bear the expenses of any disbursement such as Home Office fee, translation of documents etc.

If you do not want to pay the fee at the beginning, you can pay it through easy monthly instalments. You can pay at least half of the entire fee at the beginning, while the rest can be paid through easy instalments.


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