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EU Settlement Scheme

EU citizens, along with their family members, can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to live in the UK after 30 June 2021. The successful applicant will be entitled to pre-settled or settled status. However, the rights and status of all the EU citizens currently residing in the UK will remain the same until the said date.


When is the Right Time to Apply for EU Settlement Scheme?

The scheme is open from 30 March 2019 to all the EU citizens living in the UK with their family members, and they can submit the applications till 30 June 2021. For the residents who haven’t completed at least five years of continuous residence in the UK will get pre-settled status.


Who is Eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme?

You should apply under the EU settlement scheme if you are an EU citizen or an immediate family member of the EU citizen to stay in the UK after 30 June 2021.  If you are planning to get the pre-settled or settled status in the UK, then Sindhu Immigration Services can be your best choice. Our dedicated professionals work as helping hands and thoroughly guide you throughout the application process. Our guide will give you a quick review of the settlement scheme and the prerequisites to apply for it.


Applying for Settlement Scheme

To apply for the Settlement Scheme, you should meet any of the following criteria:

  • You must be in a permanent relationship with an EU citizen as a civil partner, spouse, or an unmarried partner
  • Unmarried persons will need residence card as proof of their relationship
  • Immediate or extended family members of the EU or EEA citizens

If you have a Permanent Residence Card, then you will still need to apply to get either of the following:

  • Settled Status
  • Pre-settled Status


Settled Status

The EU nationals who have been living in the UK continuously for five years or more will be granted settled status in the UK by 30th June 2021. The closing date to apply for the scheme is 30th June 2021, but it should be noted that it includes a grace period of half a year for the ones who forgot to send in the applications.

You will get the settled status without much hassle if you have:

  • Entered in the UK to live before 31st December 2020
  • Lived in the UK continuously for a period of 5 year

Our immigration lawyers will assist you through the process in the best possible ways. It is to be noted that the applicant will not have the authority to select between settled or pre-settled status while applying to the settlement scheme. The Home Office will have the complete authority to make the final decision on whether the applicant is eligible for settled or pre-settled status.


Pre-settled Status

If the applicant has not completed at least five years of continuous residence in the UK, then he/she won’t be eligible for the settled status and should apply for pre-settled status. The residence period should be a minimum of five years before the expiration of the deadline, which is 30th June 2021, to get the settled status. However, the pre-settled status will be granted to the applicant who met all other criteria except this one.

The applicant will then be entitled to change the pre-settled status to the settled status as soon as five years of continuous residence will be completed. This change in status will be free of cost as per described by the Home Office.

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EEA Nationals

Sindhu Immigration Services has earned a name of trust among EEA nationals seeking help to reunite with their non-EEA family members. The consolidation of UK immigration rules back in July 2012 has resulted in an increasing number of split families with the introduction of elderly dependent relative rule and minimum income rule along with its labyrinthine documentary requirements.

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EEA Family Permit Visa

EEA Family Permit Visa offers entry into the UK for the family members (who are not from EEA countries) of EEA nationals who are currently or are planning to reside in the UK in the near future.

Theoretically, an EEA Family Visa is not required for a non-EU partner or spouse as the permission can be sought to enter the UK at the border. However, it is strongly advised to get the family permit visa well before traveling with your family. Some of the airlines may straight away refuse to board you due to the fear of getting fined for carrying a person who needs permission from authorities to enter the premises of the UK.

In addition to that, your entry to the UK may also be refused by the immigration officials if you don’t have the EEA Family Permit with you. Thus, it is better to be well prepared to avoid any nuisance and seek the help of top immigration solicitors in the UK.

The validity of an EEA Family Permit is for six months, and after this period, the person needs to renew the permit if he/she is planning to extend the stay or can apply for the EEA Family Residence Card, which will formalize your stay in the country.

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Our team of the best immigration solicitors in the UK has vast experience of helping EEA nationals and their immediate family members to secure the right to live and working in the UK. We comply with the development of the Brexit plan and thoroughly analyze the impacts it can have on the EEA citizens and their families. Our dedicated immigration lawyers are here to assist and guide you on how to ensure the right to remain in the UK.


Requirements of an EEA Family Permit

Following are the requirements to qualify for an EEA Family Permit:

  • You need to show that you are an immediate or extended family member of an EEA citizen who is already residing in the UK or will be traveling with you in the next six months of your application.
  • If the EEA national is already residing in Britain for three months or more, then he/she must be exercising the Treaty Rights as a self-employed person, employed person, student, or even a self-sufficient individual.
  • You should show that you will be living in the same house with the EEA national as one of the dependents.

Besides these, some of the extended requirements also need to be fulfilled, which can vary widely depending upon your particular case. But you don’t need to worry about anything as our experienced immigration lawyers will guide you throughout the process.

However, a family member under UK laws is defined as:

  • A spouse
  • Civil Partner
  • A partner with whom you have lived for at least two years within a relationship akin to marriage (this also refers to same sex partners according to the updated regulations)
  • A dependent child
  • A grandchild under 21 years
  • A dependent parent or grandparent of EEA national

You also need to know that an extended family member includes your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews who are dependent on you for day-to-day care.

UK Residence Card

Non-EEA nationals who are currently residing in the UK as the family members of EEA nationals can apply for the residence card if they have been exercising treaty rights. It is to be noted that the application for the UK residence card can only be made if the applicant is already living in the UK. If you are applying to join your EEA national family member from outside the UK, then you should apply for EEA Family Permit Visa with assistance of the top solicitors in the UK

At Sindhu Immigration Services, we help our clients thoroughly, whether it is about giving a piece of sincere advice or assisting in applying for the residence card. The applicant might have formerly come to the UK on the basis of the EEA family permit or any other visa and can apply for a residence card during their stay in the UK.

Having a residence card is not a compulsion for an immediate family member, but extended family members of EEA nationals should apply to be a resident of the UK. You can get the benefits of securing rights for employment and qualifying for specific services in the UK if you have your EEA Residence Card with you.


Applying for Residence Card

You can apply for the UK Residence Card if you are an immediate family member or an extended family member living currently in the UK and depends upon the EEA national. Family members include:

  • A Spouse
  • A civil partner
  • Children or grandchildren below the age of 21
  • Dependent parents or grandparents

Unmarried partners and extended family members of EEA national in a “durable” relationship who satisfy some other conditions as well can also apply for the residence card. While there is no particular definition of the “durable” relationship, the Home Office has the right to implement its own guidelines and regulations to assess whether the relationship passes or not.

An EEA Residence Card is generally granted for five years, and the visa holder can work in the UK as a full-time employee.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the pre-requisite and application processes, then our EU immigration lawyers are here to help you out. Our consultants and lawyers specialize in EEA applications that are dedicated to assisting you in any regard.

Registration Certificate

The registration certificate is an official document to prove that a person has the right to live in the UK if the applicant is from EEA, EU, or Switzerland. A Croatian national can work in the UK without a registration certificate.

A person can apply for a registration certificate if he/she is eligible, and the eligible person is:


  • A qualified person
  • A close/immediate family member of a qualified person
  • An extended family member of the EEA national or the qualified person

Here a qualified person is referred to an employee, student, self-employed, self-sufficient, a job hunter living in the UK.

For getting advice from expert immigration lawyers of the UK, give us a call or leave an email.

Permanent Residence Card

Are you an EEA or EU national who wants to get the permanent right to reside in the UK? Our immigration lawyers can help you in applying for the permanent residence card as we have the certified experts on-board. Permanent residence is an immigration status that is granted to the qualified EEA nationals for at least five years.

If you need any type of help with your Permanent Residence Application, then we are here to help you. Our experts will provide comprehensive immigration consultation for both individuals and businesses, whether based inside or outside the UK.


Qualified Person

A qualified person for the permanent residence card of the UK is the one who falls in any of the following categories:

  • A worker or an employee
  • A self-employed person
  • A self-sufficient person
  • A job seeker
  • A student


How Sindhu Immigration will help you?

Sindhu Immigration Services can be your best choice. Our dedicated professionals work as helping hands and thoroughly guide you throughout the application process. Our guide will give you a quick review of the settlement scheme and the prerequisites to apply for it.