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Sole Representative of Overseas Business Visa

A Sole representative overseas business visa is the most suitable route for the businessmen who want to establish a strong commercial presence in the UK. This visa route allows you to open a subsidiary or a UK branch of an overseas parent company. But the company should be a genuine commercial enterprise having the principal services somewhere outside the UK, European Economic Area, and Switzerland. The best law firms can help you with the prerequisites of getting entry through the representative of overseas business route.


Who Can Be A Sole Representative of Overseas Business?

Anyone who is from outside the EEA and Switzerland, who is the sole representative of overseas business can apply to come to the UK. The applicant should be either:

  • The sole representative of an overseas commercial company who is planning to set up a wholly owned subsidiary or a UK branch for the parent company
  • A talented employee of an overseas news agency, newspaper, or a broadcasting organization who will be employed on a long-term assignment in the UK

The sole representative should have been employed by the parent company at which the initial clearance is applied at any point. The UK subsidiary can hire a representative later at any time. However, when the employed person no longer has the responsibility at the executive role for the directions and operations of the subsidiary, they will have to switch to a Tier 2 visa route followed by the point-based system. Get in touch with experienced solicitors in central London to know further details.


What Will You Get?

If you get the visa under this category, then you will get an entry clearance of 3 years, which in some cases can be further extended to 2 more years. You can also qualify for indefinite leave to remain in the UK once you have completed 5 years of continuous residence under this category. You can extend the stay after three years if:

  • The parent company and principal place of operation remain outside the UK even if the UK subsidiary/branch overshadows the parent company.
  • The branch or subsidiary is actively trading
  • The UK brand/subsidiary is operating and offering the same services as that of the parent company
  • The parent company verifies that it still needs the representative


How can Sindhu Immigration Services help you?

Being among the leading immigration solicitors in Ilford, we can help you out to qualify as the Sole representative of an overseas business in the UK. As it has made it quite challenging to get into the UK, our lawyers keep themselves updated with the changing regulations to optimize the chances of getting a visa. We are known as an excellent advice company that understands the impending challenges which an applicant may have to face and the daunting task of extensive documentation to be supplied along with the application. Thus, we put our efforts to minimize the risk of getting in front of the Entry Clearance Officer to answer the complex questions. Our talented immigration solicitors in Ilford have helped a lot of clients in getting the visa and are dedicated to doing the same for you.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa holders are entitled to apply for an extension for a further 2 years well before the expiration of the original duration. Under this route, the extension application will remain open until 5th April 2023 and the ones who wish to apply for the settlement, they should apply before 5th April 2025.

As the UK government has closed the Tier 1 Entrepreneur route in March 2019 and replaced it with the new Tier 1 Innovator visa. The new route has been introduced to encourage the development and investment in viable, scalable, and innovative businesses in the UK and in order to drive more economic growth. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is closed as of 29th March 2019, and the transitional arrangements have been applied to mitigate the probable impacts of the changes.


Eligibility Criteria for Extension

To extend your Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • To be able to provide proof that you have been self-employed, working as a director of a limited company, a member of a partnership for at least 3 months before you apply.
  • Be registered as self-employed or a director of the new or existing company within a maximum of 6 months of landing in the UK.
  • Have invested at least £200,000 into any business in the UK
  • Meet the requirement of job creation.
  • Provide an overview of your role in the business, details of the business’ activities, job title, and description for the settled workers against whom you are claiming points.



Why Choose Sindhu Immigration Services?

We, at Sindhu Immigration Services, work as a helping hand to process the application for the extension of a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Our friendly and cooperative staff will handle your case in detail and devise the best way to present the application in order to ensure that successful clearance. Being the best immigration lawyers in London, we have vast experience in assisting all types of entrepreneurs in securing further leave to stay in the UK.

Our certified lawyers will guide you about the complex policies and rules of the Home Office to present the technically correct application. We take pride in ourselves being proactive and approachable in meeting the individual needs of the clients. Contact us now and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Tier 1 Investor Visa

Tier 1 Investor Visa is an excellent route for non-EEA nationals who can make a substantial investment in the UK. They can enter the UK and can fast track their course to settlement. Undoubtedly, the UK has always been an attractive place to settle in to make an investment as it enjoys a stable government and has a robust rule of law. Investor visa holders are free to work, study, and engage in various business activities within the premises of the UK. Their dependents and family members can also accompany them. Apart from this, an accelerated settlement is also available for the high-net-worth Investor visa holders investing more in the UK.


Requirements of Tier 1 Investor Visa

If you are planning to get a Tier 1 Investor visa, then you should have:

  • A minimum of £2 million for immediate dispersal
  • The money which is currently held in a regulated financial institution
  • A UK bank account with the UK regulated financial institution
  • Freely transferable money that can be converted immediately to pounds sterlinga
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • To prove that the investment funds belong to you or your partner

If the investment funds are held in your account for a period of fewer than 2 years, then you will need to provide the source of funds to satisfy the Home Office for the provenance of the funds.

The applicants who are applying from outside the UK should provide the criminal record certificates of the applicant and the adult dependents for any country where they have resided for at least 12 months in the past 10 years. However, the exact list of requirements to satisfy vary widely from person to person, and for this, our advisors can help you.


How can Sindhu Immigration Services help you?

Our certified lawyers will guide you about the complex policies and rules of the Home Office to present the technically correct application. We take pride in ourselves being proactive and approachable in meeting the individual needs of the clients. Contact us now and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

Foreign students who are studying in the UK and have the intent to remain in the UK after graduation to start a business can apply for a visa under this category. The dependents and family members of the applicants can also join them in the UK.

The graduate entrepreneur route is ideal for ambitious graduates who want to remain in the UK after graduation, though obtaining the endorsement from the Department of International Trade or Higher Education Authority takes a clear vision, courage, and extraordinary talent. If you have a unique business idea and support from your university, then our immigration lawyers can assist you in making a persuasive application enabling you to launch the venture in one of the largest economies.


Documentation required for Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa

The applicant needs to provide the following documents along with the application to ensure success. If you are getting an endorsement from the Higher Education Institute, then you will need to send:

  • Valid travel document or current passport
  • Proof of endorsement
  • Bank statement as a proof of having adequate funds
  • The results of the TB test
  • Proof of degree if the endorsement body is other than the one endorsing you
  • Proof of minimum English requirement


How our immigration solicitors can assist you in applying for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa?

Our talented immigration lawyers have years of experience in supporting applicants through the Entrepreneur Visa application process. The successful outcomes speak about the professional experience and expertise of our solicitors. Our team will be working closely with you to assist you throughout the process.

Start-up Visa

As promised, the UK government has offered a new route to allow entrepreneurs from outside the EEA and Switzerland to enter the UK in order to set up a business. This route is a replacement of the previous Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa proposed to help entrepreneurs and fresh minds to establish a business for the first time.

At Sindhu Immigration Services, we have started assisting our clients with this new route as we have extensive experience in helping clients with the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa category. We ensure that you will be in professional hands, and we will guide you through the visa application process.


Requirements of Start-up Visa

To apply for a Start-up Visa, you should have an innovative, scalable, and viable business idea. The business idea should be thoroughly assessed and supported by an approved endorsing body. The endorsing body can be a Higher Education Institution of the UK, a business organization, or a business incubator approved by the House Office.

  • English language proficiency requirement
  • Proof of maintenance funds of at least £945 in the bank account
  • Minimum age of 19 years
  • The applicant should be in regular contact with the endorsing body
  • Already entitled to Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, Tier 2, Tier 4 General, or a prospective entrepreneur
  • Investment funds should be genuinely available
  • The intention to work lawfully and not in the breach of regulation


How can Sindhu Immigration Services help you?

The successful outcomes speak about the professional experience and expertise of our solicitors. Our team will be working closely with you to assist you throughout the process.

Innovator Visa

For the entrepreneurs who have a new business idea or are already running a business outside the UK and now aiming to expand it, the Innovator Visa route is the ideal one to enter in the UK. It is applicable for both sole proprietors or partnership businesses the same as that of the abolished Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa; innovators can, too, form a team.

You can apply for the settlement status and eventually for British citizenship being on the Innovator Visa. Once the business idea gets the endorsement from a registered endorsing body, all you are required to do is to start a company, be an active part of developing the business idea in the UK and other markets, make efforts to grow the business, create jobs, and revenue. You should make sure to stick to and consummate initial projects that you were entitled to when first applied for the Innovator Visa.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Innovator Visa category, you need to invest your money in a new business idea in the premises of the UK, which means you cannot invest in or join an already established and running business. There can be two scenarios, either you will be setting up a new business in the UK or expanding the already operating business. However, the business idea should be viable, innovative, scalable to get the endorsement.

To apply on behalf of a new business idea, the applicant should have a minimum of £50k to invest, along with the assurance that this will be the sole means of income in the UK. In contrast, to apply on behalf of already running a business, you need to give proof of the significant progress of your business, including the assurance of sustainability and growth for the next 12 months.



British Passport and Citizenship

After 12 months of the ILR and spending 5 years in the UK, you and your family can apply for British Citizenship, the decision of which is usually made within 4-6 weeks. The eligibility criteria for all the applicants include:

  • Clear immigration and criminal record
  • Passing life in the UK test
  • English language knowledge of B1 level or higher
  • Not been outside the UK for more than 450 days in the past 2 years and not more than 90 days in total in the past year


How can Sindhu Immigration Services help you?

Getting your application assessed by an experienced immigration lawyer can increase the chances of getting a visa and ultimately citizenship. That’s where Sindhu Immigration Services step in and guide you through the process. Contact us now and optimize your chances of a successful visa application.

Sponsor Licence Application

A UK based organization that plans to employ a non-EEA or non-EU applicant on a Tier 2 Visa is required to have a valid Tier 2 sponsor licence. A lot of sponsor licence applications got rejected every year because the applicant fails to fill out the required information correctly or doesn't attach supporting documents. It can result in the wastage of working hours, and the process of repeating the application can be daunting.

In the majority of the cases, when the application is refused, the applicant can’t apply again for the sponsor licence within the next six months for the same company, and the period can be longer depending upon the specific case. Getting your application rejected just because you failed to provide all the necessary documents makes you eligible for applying again immediately.


Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Application

In many cases, the employer needs to run a resident labour market test to employ someone on Tier 2 general visa to show that no one was able to do the job frequently as that of the overseas applicant. However, this isn’t the requirement of the Tier 2 intra-company transfer visa scheme. If you are hiring a worker for a position that is on the Shortage Occupation List, then you might not be required to post the job and undergo other formalities.

The Tier 2 sponsor registration process can be a bit difficult as the employer needs to send a detailed cover letter of several pages to the UK Visa and Immigration with all the necessary documents to answer the queries and concerns of the Home Office. Thus, our experts will be assisting you in creating a letter to answer all the probable answers in order to speed up the process and minimize the chances of refusal.



Sponsor Licence Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for applying for a Tier 2 sponsor licence, the organization must provide the proofs that:

  • It is operating legally in the UK
  • The HR department can manage all the sponsorship duties
  • The employment positions are genuine and suitable for Tier 2 skill requirements
  • The vacancies meet the minimum salary requirement
  • The appointed Key personnel are dependable and of good character


How Can Sindhu Immigration Services Help You?

Our team of Visa and Sponsor Licence experts can assist you with the application in the following ways:

  • A consultation session to decide if the Tier 2 sponsor licence is the best choice for you
  • Completing, checking, and evaluating your Tier 2 Sponsor licence application form
  • Advising and assisting with drafting the advertisement to meet the Resident Labour Market Test
  • Managing and submitting all the supporting documents
  • Preparing a detailed covering letter with all the additional information
  • Guidance on the HR and employment practices to ensure they comply with the set standards
  • Advice on passing the site visits


Sponsor Licence Renewal

You need to renew the Tier 2 sponsor visa every 4 years, and if you fail to submit the application on or below the expiration date, then the licence will eventually lapse. It should be noted that the application doesn’t need the approval before the expiration date, and it can be under consideration.


How Can Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd Help You in Preparing for Renewal?

The documentation and other renewal requirements can be difficult to comply with, and you need help from a professional in order to achieve the best outcomes. A delay in the renewal application can disrupt the activities of the business as the talented workers will be unable to work on the projects anymore. We will handle all the essential aspects of the renewal application, including:

  • Validating the supporting documents
  • Thoroughly checking the business activities
  • Rigorous audit of the HR department
  • Ensuring the presence of the key personnel
  • Identifying any weakness in the system
  • Expert legal advice in major areas of Sponsor Licence Management

Our experienced solicitors in London have a comprehensive experience of working with businesses in the UK for years and helping them out with Sponsor Licence renewals. We make sure that the process will be carried out smoothly, and the processing time will be minimum. Our staff don’t dither to go the extra mile to ensure that there will be no delays and the business activities wouldn’t be disrupted.


Sponsor Licence Refusal

If your Sponsor Licence Application is refused and you want to get it to reconsider it, then our immigration experts can help you in this regard. There can be various reasons for the application refusal/rejection, and some of the most common ones are:


How Can We Help?

We understand that the sponsor licence applicant can be a complicated and long process that might cause severe disruptions to a company’s business plan if you get the refusal. Employers can be busy in handling operational activities, and the HR directors would be planning to expand the business. That’s why we work diligently to smooth out the process for you to get and maintain the sponsor licence giving you ample time to focus on other essential business activities. Just give us a call to discuss your case thoroughly and leave the rest to us.

Citizenship by Business Investment

Citizenship status in the UK provides access to a world of exclusive benefits. The multicultural society, superior standard of education, one of the best free health care services in the world, and excellent business opportunities are the dream of every immigrant coming to the UK. You can reap the benefits of British Citizenship by investing in a business in the UK.


Benefits of Investing in the UK

The well-advanced economy of Great Britain makes it among the top high-income countries. It offers a stockpile of advantages to foreign businesspeople and investors, which are:

  • Passport in 5-6 years
  • Full confidentiality
  • High quality of life
  • Transparent legal system
  • Vast business opportunities
  • Top standards of education and healthcare
  • A highly skilled and productive workforce
  • Tax benefits for non-domiciled individuals
  • Least barriers to entrepreneurship
  • Simple taxation for small businesses
  • Citizenship for the whole family for life
  • Visa-free access to 164 countries
  • Easy to set up and run a company
  • Profitable tourism sector



Eligibility and Requirement

Apart from meeting the minimum investment criteria, the applicant should comply with the following requirement for a successful application:

  • The minimum age for the principal applicant should be at least 18
  • Dependents include spouses and minor children only
  • The applicants should not have contagious diseases
  • Clean criminal and immigration record of all the applicants


How to Become a UK Citizen by Business Investment?

Our immigration solicitors will help you in settling in the UK in two years and getting naturalisation in five years. Following are the steps to get UK citizenship.

  • Step 1: Book an appointment with our immigration solicitors in the UK.
  • Step 2: Apply for the visa through business investment route.
  • Step 3: Extend your visa or apply for settlement.
  • Step 4: Apply for citizenship.
  • Step 5: Get your British passport.

Turkish Business Immigration


Turkish nationals who are over the age of 18, wanting to start a brand-new business in the UK or come to the UK to run an already established business. If you, too, are planning to come to the UK under the Turkish Businessperson Visa category, then we are here to help you. Sindhu Immigration Services have been assisting Turkish nationals to go to the UK for years. Our immigration advisors and lawyers have extensive experience and specialized expertise to increase the chances of getting the visa.


How can Sindhu Immigration Services help you?

If you wish to apply for a Turkish Businessperson Visa, then you must have talked to the people around you to get an idea or spoken to immigration solicitors in London for professional advice. There is a possibility that a lot of applicants from whom you have asked might not be able to make it through the process. Do you know what makes the difference? The immigration law firms that they have hired to process the application. If you don’t want your application to be rejected, then do your homework and choose a reliable service provider.

The immigration lawyers at Sindhu Immigration Services work in compliance with the strict requirements of the UK Visa and Immigration. We ensure that your application will be technically correct and will be professionally presented to secure entry clearance. No matter if you are searching for an excellent advice company to know about the requirements of the immigration rules, professional assistance for preparing the application, or an independent assessment for a Turkish Businessperson visa, our immigration lawyers and advisors will help you.


Get in touch with our professional and expert immigration solicitors to improve the chances of getting British Citizenship.